How We Help You Build a Benefits Plan That Ticks All the Boxes

Gain a data-focused, expert benefits ally that empowers you to make strategic decisions and close gaps in your benefits program.

How we help you build a benefits plan

Helping HR Leaders Meet the Needs of Their Employees… and the Business

Most company and HR leaders aren’t focusing 100% of their time on their employee benefits plan. Yet getting employee benefits right remains a key part of achieving your other goals: attracting and retaining employees, building a culture of performance, engagement and appreciation, and getting good ROI on business expenses. With Actuarial Analytics as your partner, you will be equipped with full clarity and confidence to answer all your benefits-related questions, without having to drop the ball on your other priorities.
Plan Strategy Session

Benefits Plan Strategy and Design

Is your benefits program tailored to the needs of your unique employees? Do your employees value their benefits? Are your benefits plans sustainable long-term?
Insurer Quotes

Insurer Relationships

Are you having to switch insurers often to avoid big jumps in benefits costs? Do you have a good line of sight on how your insurer is pricing your benefits? Can costs be more sustainable and predictable?
Benefit Costs

Managing Benefits Costs and Risks

Are you set up to forecast future costs and risks? Are you compliant in your benefit plan reporting requirements? Do you understand the risk you’ve taken on with your benefits plan?

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Employee Mental Health and Wellness

Are the activities and benefits you’ve chosen actually contributing to better employee well-being? Or could something different have a bigger impact?
Employee Communications

Employee Communications

Does it seem like your employees don’t understand or value their benefits? Do your employees know where to go when they need benefits-related information or support?
Group Retirement Benefit Costs

Group Retirement Solutions

Personal finances are the leading cause of stress for employees. Are your employees saving enough for retirement?

We Work With All Major Insurers and Providers

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Actuarial Analytics is a fantastic benefits consultant. For over a decade, they’ve helped simplify complex insurance concepts, evaluate innovations in the industry and use in depth data analytics to negotiate a fair price on our employee benefits package. Actuarial Analytics saves my team a lot of time, and we know our benefits plan is in good hands.

Could you use an extra set of hands and more hours in your day?

Our advanced data analytics tools and deep industry expertise will give you clarity and confidence in your employee benefits programs. Get back more time in your day to tackle other priorities.