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Can Offering a Retirement Plan Benefit Both Employers and Employees?

Retirement planning can be a challenge for both employees and employers. For many employees, retirement planning is a source of stress. They may avoid independently taking control of their long-term investments, and place high value on support from employers in this area. Providing comprehensive retirement solutions that support your employees’ long-term financial well-being can therefore be a key factor for attracting and retaining top talent.

However, navigating the complexities of retirement plans, investment options, and regulatory compliance can be overwhelming. Employees may struggle to make informed decisions about their retirement savings, while employers may face challenges in managing and optimizing their group retirement programs to meet diverse employee needs.

Empowering You to Empower Your Employees for a Secure Retirement Future

Let’s work together to give you customized group retirement solutions that simplify retirement planning for both you and your employees. Our retirement experts work closely with you to design and implement retirement programs that align with your organization’s goals and employees’ needs. We help you find the right provider of comprehensive retirement education and guidance to empower your employees to make informed investment decisions. Leveraging our deep industry knowledge and digital technology, we help you optimize your retirement program’s design, manage costs, ensure regulatory compliance, and successfully set up your employees for their retirement journey. With our solutions, you can offer a valuable retirement benefit that helps your employees secure their financial future.

Personal finances is the number one cause of stress reported by plan members. An employer-sponsored retirement plan can go a long way to giving employees peace of mind.

– Source: 2023 Benefits Canada Survey

Establishing or enhancing your group retirement solutions doesn’t have to be stressful.

See how our expertise can help you design and implement a tailored retirement program that supports your employees’ financial goals.